Mexican in Maine (on a cold day) #365feministselfie
Mexican in Maine (on a cold day) #365feministselfie

Pauline Campos is Latina Magazine's #DIMELO love, advice, & relationship columnist. Her print column launched in August 2013 & her weekly online column appears on Pauline is the Aspiringmama with the blog to match, founder of the #Chingonafestcommunity, which proudly presents a weekly twitter chat (Wednesdays, 10 P.M. EST) and the #Chingonafest Fridays feature (Pili Montilla, Elisa Camahort Page, and BOTH of The Comedy Girls, Jenni Ruiza & Jesenia The Comedian, have already been featured on!)

In her past life, Pauline worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, frequently assigned to police beats and working to make yet another story about the next teen boy to earn the title of Eagle Scout sound like it was as hard to earn as the Eagle Scouts kept telling her it was.

Nowadays, she gets to sometimes pretend she's a radio personality -- which is always nice -- and has appeared on NPR's Latino USA with Maria Hinajosa and Ray Collazo's Latino Talk podcast. She's also a photographer, artist, speaker, body image activist, mental health activist, and generally gets stabby when she runs out of reasons to raise hell (which probably explains why she's trying to raise her daughter to be a Chingonaon purpose.) Pauline likes to tell herself she doesn't need a copy editor to follow her social media updates in a never-ending effort to clean up her typo-filled messages, but she figures that 1) she's providing a public service in that each misspelled word gives every copy editor in the world the relief that comes with knowing they have job security and 2) as long as there are typos, y'all know she hasn't jumped the proverbial shark and handed off her twitter updates to an unpaid intern who can actually spell.

You're Welcome.

Pauline also occasionally blogs for Amtrak's Descubre Norteaméricawebsite (just google "Mexican on a train") and happens to be the Mexican living in Maine who happens to like it there.

Check out her #ChingonaFest shops for sassy original art and prints on Etsy and Zazzle. #MexicaninMaine art and photography (that's the one without the bad words, y'all) are available on etsy, Zazzle, and Society6.

Email for speaking engagement requests, current freelancing and writing coach rates, as well as to discuss art and photography commissions. 

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