BabyFat: Blog Tour Update

I've got dreams, y'all.

Yeah, my sights might be set on the big stuff like the NYT bestseller list and all that jazz, but for now I need to give some major thanks to the bloggers taking part in the BabyFat Blog Tour.  So far, Andrea Bates, Eileen Carter-Campos, Tiffany Taylor, and Melanie Mendez-Gonzales have given graciously of their very precious time to read and share their thoughts on their blogs. 

I'm reposting the schedule for you to follow along. There'll be giveaways for signed copies and free ebooks and all that, so please support the ladies supporting my book because they are my friends and yours! I've heard so many times from my readers how much they love BabyFat and I am thrilled to hear these words. Even if you've already got your own copy already, feel free to en enter the giveaways to come and pass on your winnings to a friend for Christmas! See? Win-win for EVERYBODY! 

The BabyFat Blog Tour

Nov. 3- Katie Sluiter,

Nov. 10- Rita Arens,

Nov. 17- Sarah Fader,

Nov. 23- Aliza Worthington,

Dec. 3-Diane Davis Lang,