#BabyFat: I'm Indefatigable

I have really smart friends. so smart, in fact, that I sometimes need a thesaurus - or google- to help me figure out if they are calling me bad words or complimenting me. When Issa Mas shared the Amazon link for #BabyFat in a Facebook update, I replied with a thank you. Because the support of my friends is so very appreciated. Then I looked up "Indefatigable" because she said I was and it's Issa so I figured it was a good thing but my brain was all ???? 

Turns out, Issa was paying me a very big compliment. I love her for that. And now I have a new word to work into a sentence every day this week. Maybe. 

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Before I log off to go and finish a bazillion things before my 8 p.m. #Chingonafest #Blab show featuring Dior Vargas, let me share with you the Chapter Four Tweet Lead-in for #BabyFat! Thank you, @JennSpiller, for being part of my story.


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See you tomorrow, Internet.