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Twitter rocks. It's a great way to procrastinate for writers while networking, which is awesome on the multitasking scale. I had the greatest and most super awesome twitter exchange the other night, and just for fun, decided to post it here.

For reference, my handle is @aspiringmama. My cohort in this little convo, @beltonwriter is big in Japan. And I don't mean "towering over the natives" big. I mean "40 books published and I can't believe I'm rubbing virtual elbows with a real artiste" big.

The conversation started after @beltonwriter tweeted something about being so bored he figured he may as well try and will his eyebrows to grow into each other. How can you not respond to that?

So here it is, for you reading pleasure.

@beltonwriter that's hilarious. you are so bored that you are wishing for a uni-brow. classic

@beltonwriter@aspiringmama It's not easy, you know. It's takes a lot of concentration. Imagine me with a deep frown as I force those pores to produce...

@beltonwriter dude...seriously...i have never read one of your books before, but based on that last tweet-i'm SO buying one tomorrow.

@beltonwriter@aspiringmama Ha, ha, ha... :-) Unfortunately you'll find me a lot more serious in my books. Like Rush Limbaugh on a bad day...

@beltonwriter well then...i may have to rescind my offer. let me know when you write something funny. *wink wink*

@beltonwriter then again-you have 40 books published. i have none. maybe i'll pick one up anyway and get pub'd thru osmosis?

@beltonwriter@aspiringmama Osmosis? Wow! Now that's a word I've never used. I'm impressed...

beltonwriter@aspiringmama Incidentally, you'll have to take Japanese lessons if you want to absorb anything from 37 of my books... ?????... :-)

@beltonwriter that is so not fair. getting all fancy on me. yeah? well? Como te gusta esto, MISTER? Yo puedo jugar tambien! HA HA!

@beltonwriter@aspiringmama Oh, estimado. ¿Yo he empezado una batalla de palabras?

@beltonwriter DAMN IT!

@beltonwriter now i got nuthin'

@beltonwriter@aspiringmama Sorry... (Actually, I cheated. Translation sites are incredible, arn't they...? :-)

@beltonwriter well now, i am both impressed and torn between wanting to strangle you and meet you for coffee.

@beltonwriter@aspiringmama Prefer the coffee...

@beltonwriter yeah me too. i want to get published. not go to jail.

beltonwriter@aspiringmama I have a slightly different reason for preferring the coffee, but it does sound like a great idea... :-)

@beltonwriter yeah-the whole living thing. Gotcha.

@beltonwriter bye! I'm blogging about our twitter exchange. This was too funny to not commemorate.

beltonwriter@aspiringmama I'll look forward to reading it... :-)

So there ya have it. I'll let ya know how the threatening a published author's life over the Internet thing works out for my social networking strategy.