Ego says thank you

So maybe my last post read like an entry in Sylvia Plath's journal before she stuck her head in that oven*. I'm hormonal, dealing with a crabby-as-hell-teething-toddler, and pretty sure I'm going to be pissed off when I get on that Weight Watcher's scale on tonight. (If I convince myself I didn't work out this week in order to gain weight for material for my memoir, I might feel better. So let's just go with "I did it on purpose!" Shall we?) I had a great time taking Buttercup** to the park last night and watching her have the time of her little life as she went down the slide again and again, but then she went to bed and my night just went to pot.

So I tried writing and got nowhere. I tried reading about writing and got intimidated. And then I tweeted about being intimidated and went to bed with a reason to smile.

@aspiringmama: My ass feels fat, I'm not in the mood to write, and am now doubting the "quality" of my blog posts before I post them. Hormones suck.

@aspiringmama: I hate self-doubt. It's not good for my muse.

@margieswanson: don't second guess your blogs! I like them! Looking forward to more!

@aspiringmama: oh thanks! I needed that. self doubt is ruling my night!

@margieswanson: You inspired me to get my butt in gear and get my own set up. That's were I was for the last hour! Keep writing...

@aspiringmama: you are my hero tonight. thanks.

@margieswanson: no problem...we have to stick together if we are to succeed in getting our stuff out into the world...right?

And this, my friends, is what it's all about for us writers. We are the most egotistical (I am the best writer E.V.E.R!) and self-doubting (right???) creatures in this world.We are all going to wonder if we have what it takes just as often as we are riding high on the coattails of our own dreams of what will be.

And if we are lucky, we will have connected with other writers who are on the same bumpy ride, willing to slap us out of our bitch-fests and pity-parties  (Get it together, man!) and get us back on track.

Thanks @margieswanson. I think I love you.



* What? Too much?

**I'll let ya know when I figure out what to call my daughter on here. I'm sooo not doing the first name thing.