Complicity: Part 1

The following is a one-act play I wrote as an Independent Study my senior year at the University of Detroit Mercy. The play was selected to appear in an anthology for incoming freshman but the long-running project was shelved abruptly, my play never saw print, and now I'm sharing it with you.

I plan to post a bit here and there and welcome and encourage feedback.

Complicity (A one-act play)

The curtain goes up. A little girl, six-years-old, is sitting stage left, spotlighted. The rest of the stage is dimly lit. Except for the child, only shadows can be seen. She is humming a child-like tune, having a tea party with her doll and stuffed animals. A figure enters stage right and walks across the stage, stopping just short of the circle of light. The figure remains in the shadows. The little girl looks up, stops humming, and smiles. The tune she was humming continues to play in the background.

Male Voice Whatcha doing there, my sweet little princess?

Little Girl Teddy wanted a tea party. (She giggles, holding up her teddy bear.) Want some, too? (She offers a tea cup to the figure.)

Male Voice I already had my tea today, princess. (He kneels, extending one hand into the spotlight.) Why don’t you come with me and let me teach you a new game? (Slight pause.) A secret game?

Little Girl Is it fun?

Male Voice It’s lots of fun, princess.

The little girl puts down her doll and reaches out to take the man’s hand and stands.

Little Girl I like secrets.

Male Voice So do I, princess…so do I.

The little girl steps into the shadows with the man. The spotlight slams off as they exit stage left and the music stops mid-tune. A front stage light is simultaneously turned on stage right, illuminating a young woman sitting in a chair facing the audience, her purse on the floor beside her. The rest of the stage is empty. Her hands are clenched together in her lap and she looks uncomfortable.

Lilly So…what am I supposed to talk about?

Doctor Whatever you would like to talk about, Lilly.

The voice is that of a female with the ability to sooth and comfort by merely speaking.

Lilly Umm…I really don’t know, Doctor. I’ve never been to a therapist before. (She laughs nervously.)

Doctor Well then tell me what brought you here.

Lilly Well...that’s the strange part, Doctor. I really don’t know.