Hello Jeckyll (and Hiding Hyde)

Snappy and sarcastic? Sure!

Professional and modest?jeckyll

Um, no.

Marketable to moms?


What about children?

Only of said moms are not reading this blog... And therein lies my dilemma.

I've been spending an inordinate amount of time reviewing the many wonderful blogs I've added to my still-shiny-new blog roll (and discovering new ones as I go!) and learning something new every day.

I want, obviously, to become a published author of both creative nonfiction and children's picture books. I believe I have the talent. But I know I (currently) lack the extra-curricular skills today's successful authors are required to possess. Namely, a clue when it comes to how to build not one, but two successful platforms.

The first is what you see here: an open, honest, snarky, and potty-mouthed mama who tells it like it is when it comes to my writing challenges, dreams, and the size of my ass.

The second is what I need to figure out and I'm not sure if the first will jeopardize it.  I mean, really, how many agents and parents will want to read a picture book to their kids by a woman who liberally sprinkles the F bomb in her blog and adult manuscripts? Will it matter?

Part of me thinks I can separate the two identities enough so that one doesn't hinder the other. The other part is wondering if I'm crazy.

Should I go back and delete all the bad words here? Should I start a separate blog dedicated to my kid lit? Should I come up with a psuedonym for the kid lit so the non-potty-mouthed parents and hopefully interested agents don't get turned off by me and my vocabulary?

The questions, and related anxieties, are boundless. This whole literary business can be so overwhelming sometimes. Like, well, now.

What do you think? Can Jeckyll and Hyde coexist for my plan to publish in two genres? Or do I need to hide Hyde?