Complicity: Part 2

What follows is a one-act play, in parts for easier blog reading. Please click here for Part 1. And feel free to let me know what you think so far. ********* Doctor All right then. Why don’t we talk about what you were thinking when you called to make this appointment? Lilly That there has to be something wrong with me. (Breaks into nervous laughter.) I had just gotten in from a date with Michael. Doctor Is he your boyfriend?

Lilly Well, he wants to be. (She shrugs.) That’s the problem. Doctor Tell me about it. The stage light on Lilly slowly goes black. The stage is completely dark until a few lights are turned back up to give the impression of candlelight. Lilly is seated at a table with Michael. They are laughing and eating.

Michael There! I have accomplished my goal for the evening. Lilly (Coyly) And what would that be?

Michael To make you laugh. See you smile.

Lilly (Giggling) You have accomplished a goal unattainable my any mortal man! I deem you worthy of a prize for your good works! (She speaks loudly, reminiscent of a town crier. She is giddy from her wine.) Michael (Going along with Lilly’s act) And what prize do you deem me worthy of, oh thou fairest of maidens? A waiter appears. He removes their plates. Lilly Waiter, please bring the dessert tray. This man is to have his choice of your selection and it is to be put on a separate bill. Waiter Yes, miss.

The waiter exits.

Michael Dessert, huh? (He is upset.)

Lilly What’s wrong with dessert, Michael?

Michael Nothing. (He sighs, frustrated.) I just figured that…

Lilly ( She interrupts him. She is angry, speaking in a hushed voice.) That what, Michael?? That you’d get me a little tipsy and then get me into bed? Don’t give me that! Michael (He runs a hand through his hair.) I didn’t mean it like that, Lilly! No way in hell did I mean it like that. Give me a little credit, God dam it! You know me better.

The waiter returns with the dessert tray. Lilly ignores him. Lilly Then what the hell did you mean, Michael? The waiter clears his throat

. Michael I’ll just take coffee. Waiter And you miss? Coffee or hot tea? Lilly I hate tea! (She is agitated.) Michael (Sighing.) Wonderful. Just bring the check, please. And cancel the coffee.

(He takes Lilly’s hand.) Can you just breathe, just for a minute? I’m sorry. I don’t know why. But I’m sorry. I wanted to make you laugh…and yes, I was hoping things would go a bit further tonight… (He puts a finger to Lilly’s lips as she begins to interrupt him.) Let me finish. I might have wanted things to go further tonight but I can accept that they won’t. And I’m not going anywhere.

Lilly squirms in her seat. She is uncomfortable, looking at the floor, the ceiling, her hand, still in Michaels. Anywhere but his eyes. Lilly I’m sorry. For jumping down your throat like that. And for making a scene. (She pauses before continuing quietly.) I’d like to go home, please. Michael I’ll walk you. Lilly Thanks but no. I need to think. I’ll see you in class tomorrow, okay? Michael Sure. Lilly I’m sorry, Michael. She leaves first, exiting stage right. He watches her for a moment, shoves his hands into his pockets, and swears under his breath before exiting stage left. The lights are slammed off and turned back up to show Lilly sitting in her chair, center stage.