Ouch. Reality hurts.

We've already covered the fact that I have too many balls I'm trying to juggle right now, right? Seriously, I'm a glutton for punishment and either go too long with no creative output, or conversely get myself into 15 projects at once and then wonder why I'm losing my mind. Maybe it all has something to do with my not sleeping lately. Who knows?

One thing I am very happy to be spending time on is contributing to an online manuscript exchange forum on which I've posted a few poems from my Roy G. Biv project. I've gotten some fantastic feedback from other kid lit writers on ways to improve my work.

I'll admit right here and now that I went in blinded by my ego. I was just waiting for responses like "This is a masterpiece!" and "You are a fantastic writer who needs no editing, drafts, or revisions at all!" Right.

The first critique stung a little bit, but then I went back and reread it the next day with an open mind. And guess what? It made sense. There's always room for improvement...especially on something I wrote when I was TWELVE! My ego is on vacation now, banished from my interaction on the forum, and my muse is ready to tackle my first round of revisions on the four poems I have posted for critique.

Maybe next time my peers will declare me a literary genius. For now, I'm eating humble pie.