I love the 80's

I've been busy trying to dig up my old writing in an effort to remind myself of excitement and dreams. Here's a favorite. I wrote this in the 6th grade as a student in Mrs. Grabner's Project Promise class. The poem was the cornerstone of my Roy G. Biv collection of poems about the rainbow, which was one of many selected for "publication" in the school library as part of a writing contest. Customarily, each student was given their book upon graduation, but Roy G. Biv stayed in the library until I graduated from The University of Detroit Mercy.

Turns out, the kids liked it enough to keep checking it out.

Spring is here!

Spring is here!


I see a robin, a cardinal, and a Blue jay!

The snow is melted, The grass is green, And beautiful flowers are everywhere to be seen!

The squirrels are scurrying all about…

And it is definitely Spring… Without a doubt!