Diva wants...

IMG01297 "Sweeter, let's go look in the Fossil store." "Um, okaaay." The Husband rolls his eyes to make it clear he's entertaining me on this little trip into my little leather dream-land.

I've been eyeing one pretty piece of work for a while now, but Buttercup's not interested in Mama's ideas of what looks good. "No, Mama...come here!"

The Husband and I can't help it. We are too curious. What's a two-year-old want to see in the Fossil Store?

"Okay, baby." I say. "What do you want to see."

Buttercup is happy. Mama and Daddy are interested in her opinion. Mama's happy that she's happy and The Husband is just wondering if this little excursion is going to cost him any money.

" 'Dis one, Mama?" Buttercup reaches up onto one of the shorter displays and, as if she's done it for years, slips the orange leather shoulder bag in place. "Daddy?" She smiles up at her father, already aware of the power of fluttering eyelashes.

"Yes?" The Husband is trying not to laugh while his daughter models the three figure handbag she has decided to claim as her own.

"I like." Buttercup is matter-of-fact. Now the store employees are trying not to laugh.

"Want ice-cream?" The Husband throws the question out like a lifeline, hoping to avert a tantrum over a woman's purse with a very adult price. "Gotta put the purse back."

Buttercup is beaming as she shovels a spoonful of gelato into her mouth; the purse already forgotten.