So I'm trying to go about this moving cross country thing in reverse. Since I packed up the house when The Husband was already some 2,000 miles away working at the new job, I was pretty reserved when it came to getting rid of, well, shit we didn't need. Instead of getting yelled at for not bringing this or that, I brought it all and six months after arriving in a Tucson, Arizona suburb most people in Tucson don't even know exists, I'm now taking Craigslist by storm. Normally, I wouldn't bore you with the details of my Quest in Search of Other People who Want My Crap, but I had one response to a free listing that just begged to become a blog post.

See this lovely desk organizer? I don't want it or its twin anymore, so I posted the pair for free thinking someone else might find use for them. Makes sense to me, right?


And wow-- I got a response within a few hours.  That's when I started plotting this blog post laughing so hard I almost wet myself.

"you want me to come all the way to (???) az. to pick up these? You can get them for .50 each at the swap meet. why spend the gas?"

Um, listen up, asshole. If you don't live close enough to get them, why email me to bitch?