Sleeping Beauty

IMG00203-20091021-2046(2) This was too cute not to post.

Buttercup and I are working on phasing her back into sleeping solo in her own bed (as opposed to squished between mama and daddy) and so far, I'm surviving.

This particular photo was taken after she screamed herself silly for about a half hour (which left me feeling like I'd just left a rock concert with no over-priced T-shirt to show for it) and finally passed out all lady-like as seen above.

Not pictured is the make-shift bed I have on the floor right next to Buttercup's for the middle of the night "Mama-fests" where I come running after hearing her scream some more on the baby monitor. There, I lay down, hold her hand as she settles back to sleep, and usually wake up the next morning with a stiff back and major pain in my neck.

Of course, she's all smiles.

Note to readers with Better Ideas on How to Raise My Kid: With all due respect, kiss off. I won't tell you that Little Johnny shouldn't be watching "The Crow" instead of that sweet G-rated movie from Netflix or that Smily Suzie really should have been off the bottle at 12 months so her teeth don't get jacked up if you don't tell me that I shouldn't be coddling my kid in the middle of the night. Deal? Great. Then let's move on now, shall we?