I choose...treat

IMG00279-20091031-1739 I haven't had much time to get online in the last few days due to the    craziness that is my life. For starters, I got off my ass when it came to wishing my Baby f(ph)at off and joined a gym. It's got a daycare, owners I want to hang out with when they aren't making me sweat, and I'm think I'm good to go.

Then of course there was the Halloween thing Buttercup was so excited about. I love that she's old enough to "get it" now, and was effin' giddy that she actually held up her plastic pumpkin and proudly whispered out a "Trick or Treat" to every house we stopped by. It was cute. It was adorable. And even though she won't see much of the  candy we scored due to her gluten-free diet, I was thrilled to be on the Mama side of childhood magic.


I am not, however, thrilled that she went to bed without getting her teeth brushed. I let the little stinker enjoy one mini snickers as a treat at our friend's house, and she promptly passed out in the car on the three minute ride

home. And now she's in bed, in full cheerleader awesomeness, while I try and convince myself that I won't blame her first cavity when she's 16 on this evening's trangression.

Note to self: add "toothbrush and toothpaste" to next year's Halloween Diaper Bag checklist. Even if it's only to save myself some money on therapy.