Multiple choice

I'm on my annual "Holy-shit-it's-time-for-Thanksgiving-and-Christmas-gift buying-gift mailing-and-why-the-hell-is-my-head-still-up-my-ass?" cleaning frenzy and just came across a sweet gift I received at my baby shower for Buttercup. You know those adorable little Mama-fills-in-the-blanks Baby's First and Second Year calendars? Yeah, I got 'em.

Now ask my if I've done anything with the damned things. ('Cuz I haven't.)

I've had them sitting on my desk since I found them in the hopes that my brain might magically recall every single "First" Buttercup has achieved and, of course, the exact day she did whatever the hell it was, and I still got nuthin'. It's not a total loss; I've got the first calendar filled out in excruciatingly cute first-time-mom eagerness (her umbilical chord stump fell off on 6/20/07, her social security card arrived in the mail on 6/29/07, and she scooted for the first time in the crib on 8/10/07, just so you know...) but I fell clean off the memory-recording wagon at the end of September. October's dates are filled in...I just never got around to writing anything down.

And forget about the second year calendar. I can't remember what I did five minutes ago so there's no way in hell I'm going to pull any of those little gems out of my ass.

So where's that leave me? Do I:

a) trash the calendars and call it a loss?

b) put them away as is in Buttercup's growing memory bin I've got with her special outfits from important dates and trinkets that mean something to me and let her roll her eyes at me when she's old enough to understand that Mama was too busy living the memories to write them down like I did at my own mother when I found the 1980's equivalent that she only filled up halfway?


c) Stop blaming myself for dropping yet another ball and instead focus the blame on the companies who create these Godforsaken little reminders that no matter what we do as Moms, there are just not ever going to be enough hours in a day?

Then again, I could always choose "d", which happens to state: "Save bitch fest about Buttercup's unfinished and official baby book for another blog post."

Yeah, that sounds about right.