Tweet me up, Scotty

I want tweets from moms dealing with weight loss struggles or those who've earned bragging rights after finding their waistlines again after motherhood for Baby F(ph)at. I've gotten a few good ones so far and am loving the fact that each chapter in my book is starting with a tweet from another mom who's been there/done that and is willing to share.

So what's your deal?

In case you're interested, here are a few of the tweets already selected for use in Baby F(ph)at:

@LeighannMMM Uh yeah. Mine is two and I can't wear any empire waist dresses/tops or things with a tie b/c they look


@dameSaf Not only did I not lose the baby weight, I think, I gained another 10 pounds. And now it’s time for #2

And my personal favorite so far:

@zrecsmom: Can I blame my belly on my five year old? Please?

So come on and spill it, ladies. I know I'm not the only one who's body jiggles and shakes just because it wants to. Send me a response to @aspiringmama and include #babyfphat in the tweet so I know to pay extra special intention.