This is how I roll

I've been flirting with writer's block for about a month now. Or having a full-blown affair, but that only depends on what your definition of "it" actually is. In either case, while writing a blog post here, I accidentally discovered the secret to making my muse happy (she's afraid of commitment and usually bails after the second date) and getting some real work done. I wrote a blog post. And then another. And while reading the unpublished posts for edits, I realized they were just the kinda thing I'd include in my Baby F(ph)at book. So I cut, pasted, and added to my manuscript. Awesome, right? But I was still left with a blank blog post and a world of imaginary fans waiting to read my every written word.

But one problem at a time, right? First, the Open Manuscript Mental Freeze issue. It's real and it isn't going away. Probably because I've never written anything longer than that 30 page paper on religion ( for that college class at The University of Detroit Mercy that I had a semester to write but waited till the last minute, wrote in 3 days, and still got an A. ) But a book? How much more intimidated can I make myself?

So I play the mind game. I open up my blog. I tell my Muse to retract the nervous claws; that we are merely pounding out a little story to share on the blog. She relaxes, I smirk, and then before she can call "LIAR!" I quickly do the move from blog to manuscript, and she gets pissed while I celebrate fooling myself past writer's block once again. It's all quite the production, but if this is how I am meant to work around my little mental road blocks, then so be it.

Now to the second problem: What the hell do I blog about now?

Oh wait...the post just wrote itself.