The day after

IMG00397-20091125-1438The leftovers are bagged up and in the fridge. The washer and dryer are full of clothes I've neglected for about as I've neglected blogging. Buttercup is still fighting a sinus and ear infection and sitting next to a pile of laundry while wearing her windbreaker, mismatched shoes on backwards, and a too short dress. And I'm sitting here on the couch while Elmo's World plays on the DVD player, my hair fuzzy and undone. Normally, I'd be flipping out because of everything that isn't getting done today, but today's different. For us, it's the day after Thanksgiving and because the calendar date doesn't mean anything when already still digesting turkey and ham and sweet potato souffle while the rest of the country is just getting into holiday preparations, I'm in full relaxation mode.

The Husband works on Thursday, so we celebrated early with friends and co-workers. It was two days of craziness with dinners hosted at our house both on Monday and Tuesday. And now that it's all over, Buttercup and I are relaxing and starting to decorate for Christmas while The Husband sleeps before his midnight shift tonight.

And with that said, I'm logging off now to go and cuddle with my daughter in her bed. It's time for story time, snuggles, and more planned laziness.

I love days like this.