I know a girl

Possibility doesn't wear make up. She's tall and slim with expressive eyes framed in impossibly full lashes and a mouth men write poems about. Her choice of dress is simple, yet stylish. Possibility likes peasant skirts that swirl at her ankles, long enough to brush against her sandaled toes. They suit her with their freedom; the breeze slipping through the thin material before gently caressing her thighs. It's a simple thing, really, but one that Possibility cherishes. These skirts are just one step below naked and yet allow for Possibility to cover herself from the world.

She's modest.

Possibility loves organic foods and tries to watch what she eats, but she likes to live, too. If a particular item as struck her fancy, it doesn't really matter what the hell the label says.

She likes to dream of what may come; always looking to tomorrow. Yesterday means nothing to her because its outcome has already been decided. So with her friends Muse, Creativity, and Inspiration, Possibility likes to pass her days by staring up at the clouds and nights with the stars, occasionally looking away to give her charges a little nudge, a reminder to sad souls that tomorrow will bring more.

She's a smart girl, that Possibility. But I don't always listen to what she says. She might believe that dreams--when paired with hard work--do come true, and that fairy tales are a great road map for life (because everyone likes a happy ending), but Possibility also knows when to remain silent, letting me open my mind and my heart to what she has to offer.

**from Juicy Journaling with SARK