This year I resolve...

First let me say that I detest New Year's Resolutions. With a fucking passion. What are the top five every year? Quit smoking? Lose Weight? Pay off credit cards? Finish my damned book and get an agent and a book deal? Stop kicking puppies? maybe that was all me. Except for the kicking puppies thing. Really. You can ask my dogs.

So back to the New Year and the Promises Made to be Broken. I get it. I understand the connection between the new year and new beginnings and hope eternal and all that. But really? Am I the only one who tries to start each year without resolving to do a damned thing if only because I got tired of lying to myself? Because when I'm resolving to lose weight every year, it's kind of a sign that last year's resolution kinda didn't pan out the way I was hoping.

Yeah, I need to lose weight. Yesterday. And the credit card thing...and the smoking thing....and the book and agent thing? Oh's going to happen. And while I plan on doing it in 2010, I'll be damned if I'm going to put it out there as a Resolution. Me and Resolutions just don't work well together. It's just the way it is.

So this is me, officially Not Resolving to do a Damned Thing. That way, when something does work out for me, we can all be pleasantly surprised and do a happy dance together.

Bring it on, 20101. I'm ready. And I'm going to kick your ass.