More proof that I'm easily amused

I've heard this question presented to people at various stages in my life: Which dead celebrities would you most want to meet for lunch and why?" The discussions were pretty amusing considering that there was underage drinking, contact buzzes (cuz I can't handle valium, people), and college dorm rooms involved. No matter who was in the room when we'd try to put on airs of intelligent conversation in between beer bongs and quarter bouncing, someone would always bring up Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean.

Maybe it's the poster (which, by the way, I'm only linking to because I'm a pansy and not sure if I'd get sued for posting the actual image). Maybe it was the beer. Maybe it was hormones.

Whatever the answer, I'd just sit there and laugh with everyone else when the answers starting getting silly. But I never contributed my own Lunch with Dead Celebrity List. I had no reason to. There's myth and then there's reality, and I'm not interested in meeting an image. I want a real connection before I volunteer any of my face-time for anyone. (And forget I said that and my high horse if Antonio Banderas, Juanes, Simon Pegg, Shakira, Benicio del Toro, Johnny Depp, or Gerard Butler ever call me up for an impromptu meet up at the local deli because I am so totally there.)

Instead, I'm would give my left thigh (gladly, mind you, 'cuz it's probably half my body weight) to magically arrange a little meet-up with the very few and extremely special people that I've managed to find real connections with on Twitter.

First, there's @beltonwriter. He's my Twitter Boyfriend. Yes, we are both married and not to each other. And while our conversations have been limited to a few emails and frequent tweets due to the fact that a phone bill would absolutely suck (and be hard to explain to our respective spouses)  I can honestly say that I'd love to meet in person. He's hilarious, thinks I'm hilarious, and there's actual chemistry (think Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law) when we tweet.

Don't worry. I'm not the jealous type. You can follow him, too. I can't do anything about it. That restraining order requires me to stay a few time zones away from him, anyway.

Next on my Dream Tweet Lunch Date list is @jeannevb. She's all about pimping everyone else out on Twitter, which is awesome 'cuz I usually only have time to pimp myself when I'm online. And that makes her a better person than me. But @jeannevb? She's funny, smart, real, a fantastic writer, and gonna be famous one day (which is why I'm grabbing on to those coat tails now.) The best part? She says "fuck" as much as I do.

Lastly, I want to meet @jterzieff. We just got off the phone after only meeting on twitter last Friday. It was one of those "love at first tweet" things. And by "love" i mean "platonic" and "let's get some wine and get buzzed and just talk some bullshit." We've got some great plans, me and @jterzieff, and I've just scored a new tweetie BFF. And the best part? She says "fuck" as much as I do. (Obviously, my standard for friendship is not that high. ;)

Meeting each of these awesome people individually would kick ass. But at the same time? Oh, catch me for I may swoon at the thought.