Write it Off!

Want proof that I'm not the only crazy woman writer brazen enough to let the world watch as I try to find my waistline again? ('Cuz I'm not! And trust me...that is sooooo refreshing!) So I'm assuming you are on Twitter (and by now, I'm really hoping you are because, otherwise, half of what I write here makes no sense to you anyway...) so I'm also assuming you are familiar with hashtags (if you aren't, google the term so you can catch up. Back already? Good). I'm on Twitter All.The.Effing.Time. So new hashtags tend to jump out when I see them. Some make me want to run away screaming in frustration because they just hurt my head, but others make sense, sound cool, and make me glad I didn't punch a fist through my monitor the last time #deleteyouraccount was trending (And yes, there is a reason I didn't link the tag. Go ahead and look if you're curious enough, but don't say I didn't warn you. Really.). #writerlbsoff was one of those "Woot Woot!" moments.

Basically the story goes like this: @AnneTylerLord decided to see who else wanted to jump in on a four month quest to better themselves. Yes, of course the big focus is The Number on the scale, but Mz. Lord is also looking for participants to also pay attention to and celebrate all things that count towards healthier writers between now and April 30.

Check this post out for the explanation, leave a comment to let everyone know you are there, and then hashtag away with #writerlbsoff for support and chatting. Official check in days are Fridays at any time convenient for you.

Pretty snazzy, huh?

So come on. There's always room for one more.