Octomom's making me look bad

There I am in line at the grocery store when I see it. Octomom's cover story on Star Magazine. She's in a bikini, looking pretty sweet for a woman who gave birth to eight babies a year ago. In a red bikini and trying too hard to look like the sexy siren she's not, she claims to have lose the 150 pounds the good old-fashioned way; no doctors, surgery, or tucks for her....oh no, siree! As much as I cringe every time I hear her name or any detail about this Jon & Kate Wanna-be, I'm more than a little pissed that my fat ass is still trying to cram in the time to work out, clean my house, write, spend quality time with one child, and still cling to my last working nerve while Octomom is flaunting her decent looking curves for the world to see.

According to this article, she's got three live-in nannies and friends sometimes take one child for days at a time to help lighten her load. Sure. Great. Awesome.


Whether or not her claims to a surgery-free new bod are true or not really doesn't matter. It's sour grapes, either way, because The Mom who Everyone Loves to Hate just showed me up.

I wonder if this is how football teams that don't utterly suck feel like when the Detroit Lions make the news because they actually won a game.