Welcome to my world

In my own little world, (population: 1, location: the deep recesses of my psyche) I'm getting twitter famous and am just a few steps short of not only scoring some sweet interview opportunities, but a book deal, to boot. (And if you happen to disagree, just humor me on this one. The native(s) in Pauline's Imaginary-Land are a bit on the unstable side.) If you've been on Twitter for longer than five minutes, you know the drill: You start following people that interest you and there's a snowballs chance in hell that some of the more popular ones are ever going to follow you back. Simon Pegg? Yes, I heart his Average-Joe cuteness and his killer acting skills, but I'm not holding my breath that he's ever going to give a damn about anything I send into the Twittersphere. And ya know what? I'm totally okay with that. I'm not a famous English actor or know any personally, so this makes sense to me.

A while ago, I discovered the Manic Mommies podcast, fell in love, and found them on twitter. They're crazy-busy moms with real jobs, a crazy-popular podcast, a crazy-popular blog and online network, and somehow juggling it all with kids and families. A follow back was not expected as I am not crazy-popular.

Sure, I dreamed about the day I'd be asked to be interviewed on their podcast to discuss my "hilariously and witty" book (because that's what the critics will say---see comment above referencing that little world in my head) and how witty and charming I'd be when the day finally came. But because I still have to finish said book, I allowed myself the luxury of not holding my breath since I kinda need to be alive to see this all come to fruition.

That's some smart thinking there, Pauline.

Then, one magical day, I was doing my customary ego check (read: checking new follow email alerts and deciding who wasn't trying to sell me shit) when I saw it...the Manic Mommies were following me back.


SQUEEEEEEEE! Oh Happy Happy Joy Joy! For the World is Such a Wondrous Place and I'm getting FAMOUS and Sweeter, you'll NEVER believe what's just happened!

The Husband, otherwise known as Sweeter (there's a story I'll share later on that one) feigned interest long enough to stop looking for new custom parts for his new Jeep Wrangler online and mosied on over to my computer.

"Yeah?" He may as well have had his hand down his pants. He was that interested. I chose to believe he was just as excited as I was, so I continued.

"You know that podcast I'm always talking about? The Manic Mommies?" I'm shaking I'm so excited. Kinda like a little girl looking at a pony she has just learned is hers.

"Yeah?" He was physically standing by me, but he was glancing at the parts he has up on his monitor. He was so into my news, it was just downright sweet.

"Look!" I was shrieking. Imagine a crazed Brad Pitt fan who was lucky enough to have him glance in their general direction while strolling the red carpet. Because that was me. "They are following me now!"

"And?"The Husband is listening to me! He asked me a question! That means he wanted an answer! This was a conversation and he cared about my Big News! "So?"

"This is BIG! This is HUGE! This is AWESOME!" I was beaming and refusing to let him piss on my parade. Because in my head, that interview and the book deal and being able to validate writing as a career choice is that much closer now...all because of this single act of interest on behalf of someone More Famous Than Me.

"Ok. Was that all?" He was trying this damnedest to look patient, and I was too high on Happy to care he just doesn't get it. Or give a shit. So I released him back to his Big Boy activities and went on to tweet something along the lines of "OMG! The Manic Mommies are following me now! Quick, does my hair look good?"

And holy hell, I got a response. They talked to me.

More than once.

And they've even been on my blog.


So I called The Husband back over for another round of Mexican-Valley Girl (Like, O.M.G, Maria! Look at that lipliner!) and well, it was just as stimulating as Round One.

So I told the dogs. And because I was feeding them treats and scratching their ears, they listened. And that's all I needed to keep that idiotic smile plastered on my face for the rest of the day.