Something Hilariously Funny

I promised, didn't I? Ganted, this is all subjective, but I happen to think my blackberry message conversation with my BFF Mel in which we go round for round trying to narrow down my choice in color for a netbook is fucking hysterical. I'm indecisive. And while I may drive most normal people up a wall with my OCD tendency to waffle on any decision (Do I want the burger or the chicken? Well, I got the burger last time....the chicken might be nice...but what if I don't like the chicken? I know I like the I should just get the burger, right?)

If I'm with The Husband, the rule is that once I've selected something, the menu must be taken away. If it isn't, I always end up pissed I didn't go with my first choice, anyway. But Mel understands.

Mel's got my back.

And I've got hers. (Bob, she's getting a blue Ford Flex, okay? Make sure she doesn't change her mind.)

See, I need (Need, dammit) a new, sleek, cute little netbook to take with me to that writer's conference I signed up for. Not this piece of shit brick for brains I bought four years ago that honestly just tells the world I have no sense of style, taste, or anything else importantly superficial.  So The Husband told me to look at Dell Minis. (Then he asked me if I wanted jewelry for Valentine's Day, and the writer in me went for the new pretty netbook, but that's another post.)

So I looked at Dell. And just because this little nugget will help things make sense for you, my favorite color was pink. Until last week, anyway.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is about a week's worth of messages debating the colors of the rainbow in the Opi collection (and our sanity.)

 (The following conversation took place over a span of about four hours.) Mel: Honestly, if it were my choice, between those three colors, I would choose............ Pauline: Yes? Mel: Red Pauline: Ur just saying that

Mel: No I am not Mel: The pink is expected for a girl, know what I mean? And maybe not all that professional, you would be known as the chick with the hot pink netbook. Pauline: Hmmmm.  I'll kill u if all the other chicks have one when I get there. Mel: The pearl is nice, but I myself wouldn't want that light of a color, not sure why. It's prettyy, but does nothing for me. It speaks to u cuz of Buttercup's birthstone. (And all the other chicks won't have hot pink!)

Pauline: Aye aye yay.

Mel: I love that deep richness of the color, it's seductive. It's not "hey I'm red, notice me", like fuck me pumps. It's mysterious.

Pauline: Fuck me pumps. Love it. Ok. If I get a dell, its red

Mel: Totally your decision.

(The Next day)

Pauline: Ok here's the funny.... Ready? Mel: Ready! Pauline: Ok, The Husband says I should get an HP mini. Better reviews, more awards, can expand the memory, get an external dvd, and is still cheaper than the dell

Mel: Doh! Pauline: Yeah, so now the question is...should I get the black crystal or the silver?

And the beat goes on, people...'cuz after The Husband told me to get silver because it was cheaper, I chose black because I could. And now I gotta decide on a bag or a sleeve. A girl's gotta accesorize, you know.

And the beat goes on.