A new kind of special team

juliette and harisMaybe it's a writer thing. Maybe it's just intuition. But the first time Juliette Terzieff sent me a message on Twitter, I knew we were going to be friends. It's only been a few short weeks that we've been communicating regularly, but in that time we've come to learn a lot about each other, become critiquing buds, and support for each other when the writing gets tough. I'm writing a book about trying to not be fat after having a kid. Heady stuff, sometimes,  but still...there are worse things than having to shop at Lane Bryant. Like losing a son.

Memories are precious to any parent. But when those memories are all that is left, I can't even imagine their worth.

"Easily the best part of every day for me was bedtime. Haris shunned the crib very early on and preferred to fall asleep with me in the big bed. From the time he was about 8 1/2 months old, the only way he would fall asleep was for me to lay on my side and let him sit facing me," Juliette says of her most treasured moments. "He would put his hands on my stomach, and keeping his face turned towards mine, bounce his head and body back and forth off my stomach with a big smile on his face. After about 10 minutes the bouncing would begin to slow, until he was asleep leaning on my stomach. I would gently pick him up (smother him with kisses) and shift him onto his back."
Most mornings Juliette would wake up to find that he had turnned to face her overnight and grabbed a hold of her hand.

Haris was just 18 months old when he died.

I'm not here to depress you on Valentine's Day. I'm here to help spread the word about a mother's love for her child and her quest to help other parents living through similar experiences gain the knowledge and support she looked for on the bookshelves and was unable to find.

That's appropriate for today, I think.

Juliette has shared news with the world during times of war with an impressive list of publications to her credit. But the story that really matters is the one she is currently writing. The working title is Born into Battle: Surviving and Thriving Amidst a Child's Complex Medical Situation, a tribute to the son she lost after a precious little time. A memoir chronicling her experience as the mother of a special needs child, and a guide for other parents finding themselves fighting the same battle.

"Reaching out to engage other parents through a Twitter chat is an extension of that desire to give parents, caregivers and supporters of ill or special needs children a place where they know they are not alone," says Juliette. "A place where they can discuss everything from specific treatment options to emotional setbacks to the many victories that occur along the way - or discuss nothing at all and just be. Nobody understands the awe and awful that accompanies caring for a sick child better than others in a similar position."

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