My to-Don't List

I just know that this is gonna break your hearts, but because my crazy-self is being pulled in one too many directions, I've had to make some tough choices on how to delegate my time. Something had to go. And it sure as hell wasn't gonna be my blog, my #twitteraddiction there's a 12-step-program, right?, my writing, spending time with Buttercup yeah and The Husband, too.  Not as high on the fun-factor list, but still entirely necessary, are prepping our taxes, my mother's taxes, and my sister, Pati's taxes to send off for Accountant Awesome to work his magic and make my current hell worth it in the end. Then there's the laundry, the bill paying, the grocery shopping, the laundry, keeping my house semi-sorta clean, and well, sweating my ass off at the gym.

Oh, damn! Then there's the blogging I do on Bookieboo. And I had another blog I keep forgetting about, right? And I've got a few projects I'm working on with my writing pal, Juliette, while I also work hard to get a few submissions prepped for publication consideration in the Hip Mama Zine, and that Writer's Digest contest I want to enter.

Oh, oh, oh! I can't forget about the time I simply must invest in choosing the right bag/purse/netbook tote to carry with me when I go to my writer's conference. Do not underestimate the power of cultural influence. Mexican women are taught that care must be taken in every aspect of appearance, and if that means two hours on front of the mirror to go to Kmart for diapers, than so be it. (Just ask my Tia.) So you can see how that kind of decision will take time. And plenty of creativity in explaining away the price tag cuz I'm not buying it at Tar-Jay. (I may have to add running for my life depending on The Husband's reaction after I finally make up my mind and show off my choice. Stay tuned.)

Sleep? Did I mention sleep?

Oh yeah, and chasing after my last nerve. I swear I just saw it in here a second ago.

So what's that leave for me to say goodbye to? Sadly, it was my little family-writer dedicated #famwritechat. I never had the time to properly promote it (like #twitterpimp Jeanne V. Bowerman has for her kickin' #scriptchat) and half the time I was showing up late to my own party because of, well, everything I just listed.

If someone else wants to pick up the reigns, cool frijoles. If not, also cool frijoles. Cuz I can't promise I'd make it to the party, anyway.