Show, don't tell

I'm knee-deep in netbook accessorizing hell (because *is* an accessory). See, I specifically chose a black hp Mini because it went so well with the Chloe Dau clutch netbook sleeve I've been eyeing. But because my mind didn't grasp the concept of a 6 cell battery working wonders for cutting my ties to the nearest wall but sucking it up when trying to fit said netbook into said clutch sleeve, well, I'm back to square one. I've settled in a pretty and practical Golla sleeve (to keep my new baby safe from my other baby) after driving everyone I know bonkers. And because that damned 6 cell is in my way, the plan for fitting the mini in my pretty Fossil purse I got for my birthday is totally out the door.

So really, people, you can see how I'm being forced to shop, yes?


@aspiringmama: I *need* a lucky brand messenger tote to carry my new netbook for my writing conference. NEED, dammit! Why can't men understand this!?

@ing3nu: perhaps if you hit him in the head with the net book it would all become clear ? ;)

@aspiringmama: hmmmm....interesting tactic.

@ing3nu: It rolls under that whole "show don't tell" writers' meme :D


Sage advice, my friend. Very sage advice, indeed.