Mama wants a new hash tag

Remember this post? If you're not in the mood to click on the link, let me just summarize for you and say that it's the one where I finally admitted defeat and canceled the weekly #famwritechat where parent writers could support each other in our goals to keep our wits about us, the kids fed and accounted for, our spouses and partners happy, and our creative selves satisfied. It was a great idea in theory but I just didn't have the time to commit to a proper execution. That, and the fact that mom and dad writers alike are already slammed with one too many obligations, so another appointment to add to the list made for some pretty quiet parties.

Instead, Twitter Pimp Queen @Jeannevb has suggested the use of a hash tag. I like #famwriting. Yes, there already is an  #amwriting hash tag in place and it's frequently used by a great mix of talented people. But because I'm always chasing my own tail and generally going crazy with family shhhtuff, I jump at any free moment I am gifted for a chance to write.

I'm thinking there are other parent-writers in the same position, whether it be when the kids are napping, before they've woken up, while they're at school, or while you're hiding in the bathroom with the netbook feigning an upset stomach for five minutes alone to think through a scene.

So here's the deal: if you wanna play you call the time, the shots, and how often you feel like tweeting about your writing/family craziness. Whenever. Wherever.

Consider it an open house invitation.

Hope to see you there.