Tweeting for sanity

IMG00138-20100111-2113 @aspiringmama: Toddler for sale. Cute, full of spunk, and apparently nocturnal. Would be perfect for an adoptive vampire family. Or someone in Australia.

It's 12:30 and Buttercup is finally passed out in my mother's bed.

My brain is fried. My nerves are shot. A bottle of wine and a straw would be nice.

Her being wide awake and wired so late tonight was all my fault for getting her down for a late nap and then passing out with her. We both crawled out of bed around 6 p.m., and well, it all kinda went downhill from there. I spent an hour and a half in her bed and the princess sleeping bag on her floor trying to get her to sleep, people. By the time I finally gave up, Buttercup proudly pranced out of her room because she totally knew she won this round.

On the plus side? She got to kiss The Daddy good-bye and tell him to be safe at work before he left for the night. On the not-so-plus side? It's taken me 45 minutes to write this post because my brain is that scrambled.

I have an article I was supposed to write tonight for Bookieboo, but am thinking it's in everyone's best interest if I wait till the morning when I've recovered a bit. Writing anything more involved than a 200 word bitch-fest about how my kid only turns nocturnal when I have a deadline would just be a sad little exercise in futility.