A pathetic attempt to save my own life (on craigslist)

Remember this post? Well, Skechers didn't come knocking at my door, so it wasn't hard for The Husband to convince me to try on a different style. Just for fun. Which I bought. Then never looked back.

So that left me with a pair of shoes I'm not wearing anymore after barely being broken in! What to do?

Post to craigslist, of course.

Wanna see?



I have for sale a pair of pink and grey skechers shape-ups, size 9, worn 4 times. If I hadn't already thrown away the box, I'd be at the shoe store after cleaning off the bottom of the shoe and hoping I could slip it by them as a return. But I don't. So here I am. So why am I selling them? And why should you by them? Let's do bullets for simplicity.

Why you should buy? *They might not be the most attractive (which is really putting it nicely), but they are *really* comfortable. *Perfect for walking, perfect for all day on your feet (my sister wears hers to work as a cashier) *As ugly goes, they kinda fit the "so ugly they're cute" category *Mine are cheaper than the store prices and really, you know more than 4 pairs of feet have been in the shoes you could buy brand new at the store, right?


Why I am selling: *I was in love with the Skechers for the whole four hour-long walks I took in them. I swear. *I was making progress and starting to get over my being superficial preoccupation regarding their lack of aesthetic appeal. (Really, I was. Sort of.) *Then The Husband had me try on a pair of Avia Avi-Motion when we went shopping. (So this ad is totally his fault.) *The Avia's were just just supposed to be my "every-day" shoe and the Skechers my "walks with the jogging stroller" shoes. *That didn't happen.

Bottom line?

My feet just like the Avia's better. So if you wanna do me a favor and help me not get killed by The Husband for wasting over $100 on a pair of shoes I barely wore (that I begged and begged for, mind you) you'll buy the shoes from me instead of going to the store. Where you'll pay more money. And this all makes perfect sense to me.