True (and other amusing) stories

IMG00634-20100321-0032 Success breeds success, right?

So if I surround myself with successful people, albeit virtually, then I can only become successful as well, correct?

(Sure. It's my blog, and I can be delusional if I want to.)

I recently learned that my Twitter Boyfriend (a.k.a) @beltonwriter, has officially been immortalized on wikipedia with his very own page.  And holy wow, is it am impressive list.

Even more impressive is that Mr. Belton (*snickering) has confirmed that the page is 100% correct in presenting the holy-shit-is-he-successful-and-why-is-he-wasting-time-tweeting-me-and-reading-my-work-unless-that-thimble-full-of-fermented-grape-juice-has-really-gone-to-his-head list.

I have started many conversations with The Husband with the words, "My famous writer-friend in Japan..." And because The Husband is sweet and likes to amuse me, he usually pretends to be interested. Which is nice.

When my copy of Isolation (by Christopher Belton, of course) arrived from Amazon a few months ago, I was excited for two reasons. #1) I had a real, bound, BOOK in my hands. Written by someone I KNOW. (Don't go jumping on the "only in my tweets" point, thank you very much.) Sure, it was published in 2003 and is only one of a few books available in English by @beltonwriter, but it was mine to read and let me tell you how famous-by-osmosis I felt when I was reading it and being perfectly surprised by the ending! and #2) I snagged it for $3.

True story.