We now return to our regularly scheduled program

I have had a million ideas for blog posts in the past week, but this is the first time I've had a chance to sit down and write. And by time to write, I mean The Husband and Buttercup are asleep and I'm not even though I should be. I've got an early date with a plane tomorrow, after all. We're heading back to Tucson after a hurried and expensive trip yo Michigan for my Guelo's viewing. He died on April 5th and we were  all on a plane on April 7 for a day-long camp-out at the funeral home, kissing and hugging anyone who showed up because that's how our tias raised us. And even though I'm Mexican enough to usually kiss first and as questions later, I'm hyphenated enough to have ignored certain family members who have cryptically been referred to on this blog as The Crazies without an ounce of ethnic guilt.

This was a big moment for me.

Guelo was on a plane on Friday and buried in Mexico on Saturday with as many family members as could possibly be at his side paid their final respects. But I don't have a passport and didn't have time to get one.

Cue the ethnic guilt.

Buttercup thought the whole shin-dig was a party and she was the guest of honor. She hugged, kissed, and played with faces we all thought she wouldn't remember after a year in Arizona. Which makes me think I'll be that mom on flying the friendly skies tomorrow with the pissed off toddler who won't understand why her family reunion has ended so abruptly. Or why her Padrino (godfather) couldn't fit in her carry-on luggage.

I won't bother explaining to her that my workout gear fit in mine, and I never got a chance to use it while on this little trip.  She'll just get mad. If I'd just been honest with myself and the mess of family obligations I knew I was going to be juggling while here, I could have just left that crap home and had enough room for a few of our leaner relatives to hitch a ride back home with us.

Which reminds me--I really need to work out. And stop bitching about the fact that I'm not one of those lucky people who loses weight while stressed out.