I'd like to thank the academy (again)

This post originally appeared on www.bookieboo.com. bookieboomemberWhat an exciting evening! I just logged on to write my weekly post and all logical thoughts flew out the window when I saw my photo on the left side and the word "editor" staring right back at me! Thank you, Leah, for this fantastic opportunity! So should I, like, make a speech or something? You're supposed to make speeches when things like this happen, right? Okay. Gimme a second here to think... Ready?

"Um, *tapping mike*, "Is this thing on? I'd like to thank this opportunity to thank Bookieboo, for believing in me and my ability to inspire other moms getting started on their quest to healthier habits even though my bum is still (almost) as big as it was a year ago. You have no idea how much this means to me. And my platform as a wanna-be-author. But really, Leah? It's an honor to be a part of such a fabulous site. This is what support is all about.
I'd also like to thank The Husband. If it wasn't for his support, and his job, I wouldn't even have a computer, Internet, or a gym membership secured with the sole intention of kicking my own ass into shape. There's also the Bodybugg I stopped using, the dietitian I finally hired, and the spendage required for sports bras to keep my DD's from knocking me out cold whilst doing the Zumba classes. I love you, Sweetie.
Mom? I can't forget you! And Buttercup? You are not going to understand why you wanting to play with Mama's tummy pudge as you fall asleep (much like one would gently massage a stress ball at work) is not on my List of Favorite Things in the World, for a very long time. I love you, and don't tell anyone I ever said this, but every pound I gained carrying you and haven't been able to lose since? Yeah, baby, every single one of those pounds and every single stretch mark was worth it.
And of course, I can't forget The Academy (aka Bookieboo members!) This entire community is an incredible source of support for any mother who reaches out asking for it. You ladies rock!"

There. That was my speech. And before I take my bow, I'd like to leave you with the one thought that took me almost a year to embrace: No matter what the scale says, you are a success every day you keep trying.

So keep at it, ladies. I know I'm going to.