No, I didn't forget I have a blog

I've been busier than hell this past month with that writing thing I'm trying to get off the ground, so the blog's kinda been suffering. I mean, come on, people. I put in a ten hour day yesterday. Of actual work. I didn't do that when I had a real J-O-B in an office with taxes and parking and too many bosses. But now, it's either staying up till 2 a.m. to work on the proposal, my super secret paying writing project, and obsessing over what I'm going to wear for Bloggy Bootcamp and the National Latino Writer's Conference and saying to hell with the blog so I can get some sleep before the sun and Buttercup wake up, or going totally insane.

I choose to keep my last working nerve.

So consider this elevator music and check out my guest post at Workout Mommy while I go look for some sheep to count. She's got a great site, and I'm grateful for the chance to spread my own special brand of snark. I'd keep writing because I haven't come up with a good kicker yet, but I think I'm actually typing in my sleep and need to log off before I embarrass myself.