PSA #495: How to handle getting peed on by a toilet

To whom it may concern at Century Theatres and Cinemark, I normally don't do this. Letters of complain usually go straight to the source when a letter is even deemed necessary to begin with. But I'm making an exception here because, well, just keep reading.

To my regular readers, if you live in the Tucson area, consider this a Public Service Announcement. And you're welcome.

So why am I writing a letter? Because, frankly, I'm a little peeved that the vanilla body spray I took the time to make myself pretty with for my Monday Mother's Day date with The Husband to see Iron Man 2 wasn't strong enough to combat the scent of urine I ended up getting sprayed with upon flushing the first toilet right around the corner from the door in the same hall as theatre #14 (did you get that? theatre 14, people. Theatre 14 at Park Place Mall.) The movie was great. The seats are comfortable. The urine spraying up like a fountain and spritzing my skirt, even if I know where it came from? Yeah...not exactly on my list of good times.

So I make a point to stop at the ticket counter. They tell me to talk to a manager but instead point me to someone who I can only assume was a janitor. I explained my situation in utter disgust and waited. There was no apology. No "What can we do for you?" The dude didn't even blink, people. Instead, I got a "which stall was that again?" And a "The pressure must be too high. We'll take care of it."

Then he waited for me to leave. Maybe it was because I stunk. You know, because I just peed myself on a date with The Husband.

So we left. And I was just going to write your corporation a letter. But then I figured that the public needed to know. Who knows how many other unsuspecting women have left that place in total embarrassment? So I posted it on my blog instead. And to the janitor/manager who thanked me for explaining my situation? You are so very welcome. Because of you, this post will not be coming down.


Pauline M. Campos