Best Parenting Blog? You decide...

Sometimes I have a really hard time defining myself. I'm a daughter, a sister, a wife. I'm a friend, a mother, and a writer.

Sometimes I have a hard time defining my blog.

It's where I write about myself and my dreams and my efforts to keep the ones BB (Before Buttercup) at the top of my priority list because I didn't lose that part of my identity when she came into my life; rather, I simply became more.

Apparently, these little pieces of me are resonating with readers. My blog is up for a possible 2010 nomination for Best Parenting Blog from Nick Jr. Parent's Pick Awards. And to save me from more rounds of therapy after high school flashbacks of losing another student congress election, I'd appreciate your votes! You can will vote as often as you'd like or everyday through July 6th! Isn't that exciting? Of course it is.