Miniature. Classic.

shakespeare The Husband didn't understand. Sure, it was Shakespeare..but they were so...teeny. Wouldn't my eyes hurt trying to read them? Would I actually read them? Or was I just looking for an excuse to purchase something I had blurted out I thought was cute on first glance?

Ok, so maybe the cuteness factor did play in the decision making process. But I didn't tell The Husband that.

"I love Shakespeare," I said, defending my decision as I walked up to the counter to pay for my copies of the unabridged individual works from Miniature Classics. I didn't mention that I had only read King Lear and Macbeth in high school AP English, furiously flipping back and forth between the play and the cliff notes explanations and then back again with a renewed understanding of what I had just read. "Besides, it's a tax write-off."

The Husband rolled his eyes at me, which is what he always does when I say I want something and have no other justification than to call it a write-off. Which means I won. But he still doesn't get it.

And he doesn't have to.

All that matters is the leather-bound inspiration now sitting on my desk. Small enough to fit in the palm of my hand and a larger than life kick in the ass for my Muse when she gets temperamental and needs a nudge.