BlogWho? BlogMe? BlogHer!

That's right. I'm going.

I still can't believe it.

But I'm going.

My TBFF (that's Twitter BFF, thank you very much), Juliette, sent me a frantic message last week telling me to check my email but she wouldn't say why. So I did. All five accounts.

And that's when I saw it: The email notifying me that I'd scored a ticket off of the wait list. Juliette had received the same email and later told me she was holding her breath until I told her she wasn't going alone.

Which, of course, didn't happen until I called The Husband who was at home while I was in New Mexico at a writer's conference, and begged and promised naughty things. He gladly obliged.

That's when I told Juliette to start doing The Happy Dance.

And that's when she started screaming. Or rather, typing "SQUEEEEEEE" at such a furious pace I couldn't do anything but laugh.

So there ya have it. I've got a built-in roomie and can't wait to meet my writing partner in person for the very first time at BlogHer. And now I get to figure out the logistics of a certain almost-three-year-old and if she's staying here in AZ, coming with, or going to visit family while I socially-network the social media scene at an event I have only dreamed about going to up until now.

If you saw me at Bloggy Boot Camp and laughed at my inability to control my girl-crush reactions when I found myself speaking to people More Famous Than Me (which was pretty much everyone there), then just wait for the show I'll be putting on at BlogHer.

And um, Manic Mommies? Fair warning...there will be plenty of gushing on my part.

Just let me find a room first.

The end.