Kermit says...

Ever look at your blog and think, "I'm the best thing to happen to the internet since Al Gore? I mean, look at this stuff. It's fantabulous!" But, out of respect for your reputation and perceptions of sanity, you refrain from publicly stating anything remotely resembling such an egocentric statement. Forget Al Gore. You might tell your friends (and followers of that cult The Husband like to refer to as Twitter) that your blog does not suck so just stop by sometime and check it out if you have time and stuff.

But in your head, you still totally think you rock?

And then, do you ever happen to come across Someone Else's blog...another mama writer who knows her stuff and has a great voice and tons of publishing creds and a kickin' blog and then you look at your own and realize that you have blog envy? Because even though you know you are good and want to be better, you might have a momentary bit of childhood thinking taking over while you ponder the universe and the Better Blog you found that already is better and who the hell were you to try and trump Al Gore thinking your blog was a gift to the internet when Al Gore INVENTED the internet?

No? neither.