Silent but sparkly

Once I figured out I was going to BlogHer10, I had a new slew of crazy to add to my regular To-Do List. And even though I'm still navigating the joys of cross-country childcare, a trip top Michigan to drop off Buttercup so I can hope another plane to NYC from there after she's safe and sound with my mom, and of course, figuring out how much it's all going to cost me when I finally book a plane ticket, I can  still call it good. After all, I've got my self-proclaimed official BlogHer10 Blog Bling from Survival of The Hippest in my hot little hands.

Yeah, I know I still have to arrange for dog care, call a neighbor to pick up the mail, have someone else stop by to feed Buttercup's new Birthday Fish, and make sure another someone else is on standby to dispose of the body and run out for Emergency Backup Birthday Fish should Original Birthday Fish not survive to two-week trip to Michigan that's sandwiching my BlogHer10 festivities...

But let's concentrate on my new shiny, pretty, Sparklies.

It keeps me calm, people. It keeps me calm.

First up we have my super-awesome-because-it's-mine key chain. This bad boy is made of sterling silver, spelled correctly, and sure to reflect all known sources of light from that mega-huge purse that I'm still looking for, because that's where I plan to hang it.

And you can bet your ass I plan on working it into the conversation if this conversation-starter just happens to go unnoticed.

Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is Pauline and I'm Aspiring Mama on Twitter." Smile, smile, gush, gush, chuckle for effect. "Lemme get you a business card from my purse. Oh this?" Bigger smile as the camera pans in. "It's my new twitter bling from Survival of the Hippest. No, they didn't sponsor. I paid my own moolah. But that's cuz I love them!

What do you mean, actually use it as a key chain? Are you crazy? Oh no! This baby stays on my purse, where it can be protected, fawned over, and shown off on a regular basis, but thanks for asking!

The bracelet, while super awesome in and of itself, could be attributed to allowing myself to hit SUBMIT ORDER before letting myself think the whole process through. My friend and BlogHer10 roomie, Juliette, just spent a very reasonable amount of money on business cards and other Things That Make Sense. I? spent a very unreasonable amount of money on Things That Don't.

And here's the beauty of it, folks.  I still feel good about it. Because thanks to Survival of the Hippest, I can count on making an impression even if I don't squee, fan-girl, or otherwise make an ass of myself.

But since we all know I'll be doing plenty of all of those, I can now safely say all my bases are covered.