Naturally Popped

I had one word when I came across these Booty Pop thingies at the store the other day... "Seriously?"

The Husband could barely contain his laughter as I alternated between staring at my own Naturally-Popped booty and the "Hi, My Name's Candy and I'm a Stripper!" accessory I can't imagine ever needing to use.

"You should buy those," he joked (I hope). "Would make for a great blog post."

I glared at him, motioned to my J-Lo's-jealous-nalgas (Spanish slang for booty, peeples) and just repeated myself. "Seriously?"

Then we came across these bad boys at Target. In the men's section. My first reaction?


I asked The Husband if he wanted a pair. He likes comics. And he'd have been all about the Captain America's. But then I imagined him running around our bedroom in with a sheet tied around his neck wearing his Man-der-roos in a superhuman effort to get lucky and told him to forget it in between the laughter and the tears.

And then we came across these on our last stop before heading home. Buttercup walked right up to the display before I could say anything, put one hand on the packaging, and looked up at me with a quizzical look on her face.

She said one word.


And she hadn't even seen the commercial.



That's my girl.