Shameless Self-Promotion (Oliver's Labels style)

As a rule, I don't do contests or reviews on my blog that don't relate to writing. Which kinda leaves me with little to no contests or reviews, as a rule, of course. And that's fine by me. This blog is my writer-mama blog. I did the review thing a while back, and it just wasn't me. But let's get back to today, shall we? I'm going to BlogHer10 and plan on labeling everything I own with my Oliver's Labels because I've been known to lose my glasses (when I wore them) when they were on my face (true story). I'm a seller (when I remember I have an account with them) so this isn't a sponsored post, I'm not being reimbursed, and all that legal mumbo-jumbo. I just have to decide if I'm putting my name or Aspiringmama on my labels. (I'm really leaning towards Aspiringmama)

Now for some fun. I haven't done this before on this blog so bare with me. I've decided to run a contest for BlogHer10 attendees only for some Oliver's Labels goodies. Of course, I can't verify that you are going, so let's use the honor code because Karma does suck.

One winner gets:

* One Large Bag Tag

* One Mini Bag Tag set

* One set of Original Labels

* One set of Mini Labels

* One $20 gift certificate to give away on their own blog for the winner to purchase what they wish with a link to my blog and Oliver's Label's page.

Call it shameless self-promotion. Call it a plea for attention. Or just call it what it is (a fun contest for a conference I'm thrilled to be attending) and let's leave it at that, shall we?

So what are the rules? Right...

#1 Don't tell The Husband. He thinks I'm blogging about Booty Pop and ordering labels for myself.

#2 Tweet this: I want Oliver's Labels from @aspiringmama #blogher10.

Link to the post, (use to make life easier) and leave a comment for each tweet. You can enter as often as you like. Easy for me and easy for you, yes?

One winner will be selected by that Random Number Generator thingy that all the real bloggers use when running contests like this at midnight Arizona (Mountain Time) July 20 and announced via twitter the following day. Then all that's left to do is decide on your design, place the order, and get to labeling while you pack.

So um...who wants Oliver's Labels?