The Princess Make-over

Maybe it's because I grew up too fast. Maybe it's because I don't want her to any more than she already has. Whatever the reason, Buttercup made it to her third birthday without ever having played with more than an empty make-up case and a clean brush. She asked, of course. How could she not? Standing with me each morning and watching me apply foundation, blush, and mascara...just to go get the mail? But the answer was always "Let's pretend..."

Things got real the morning The Husband twisted his back. We made an emergency run to our chiropractor's office and Buttercup got to play with her three-year-old in her office (which is actually more of a play room than anything else) while Daddy got twisted and cracked back to normal.

Once, when I went to check on them, I walked in to see cheap plastic jewelry everywhere and both girls stacking bracelets on their arms. Their heads were already decked out with multiple headbands (crowns), and they had just finished applying the finishing touches on their dollar-store (Princess) make-up. I admit I had a mini heart attack and imagined myself running to the bathroom with her to wipe the blush and lip gloss off of her face before her father saw her and...and...nothing.

I closed the door behind me, leaving the girls giggling as they made believe. And then I walked into the room The Husband was being treated in, sat down, and told him I was going to buy Buttercup a make-up kit. I may have grown up too fast, but she can have her magical kingdoms, princesses, unicorns, and dreams for as long as I can help provide them.

"Let's pretend..."