Ask Aspiring Mama

I'm reading an old copy of a fashion magazine and just came across an advice column question in which the writer asks the advice-giver-outer why she can't score an agent for her book. I mean, she sends them cookies! That she baked! (Why haven't I tried that yet?) Um, I'm gonna go out on a limb here with this one.

1) If your just sending cookies, they might confuse you with a harmless stalker who likes to bake.

2) If you are actually including the query, I'm thinking the cookies might actually be a distraction.

"Here's query #45 of the day and OMG! Chocolate CHIP! Who wants one?"

Which can only lead to glasses of milk to dunk the cookies in and oh nos! That query was just totally made unreadable by that spilled glass so now you have no query in the agent's hot little hands AND they don't even know who to send the thank-you note (for the cookies, mind you) to.

3) If your cookies suck, you are so not getting a response.

4) If they don't, I'm thinking they are better off saved for the agent who actually signs you. Which means the query needs to go out all on its lonesome. Send the cookies after the contract has been signed. You know, so you don't look like a harmless talker who likes to bake.

5) Unless, that is, you are writing a cookie cookbook. Then, and only then, might your cookie-sending be an acceptable form of hooking said agents.

6) Oh're not. Please refer to #4