And a Good Time Was Had by All

When did I become such a stick in the mud that my sister must force me to have a good time and relax for more than five minutes? She wanted to go for pedicures tonight, Buttercup included. Instead of jumping at a chance for some pampering because I could only focus on everything I wouldn't have time to do if I agreed like the gym or a walk or all of the laundry or cleaning out my closet or starting to write before 1 a.m. I sulked and pouted and said fine and may as well have kicked the dirt with my toe on the way to the car. She actually offered to take Buttercup and leave me home to tackle that to-do list, but by then I'd already changed my outfit, put on some make up, and would much rather pout and go then undo it all and stay home. Besides, Buttercup was already deciding what color she would pick for our toes.

I'm sure I was a colossal bitch when we started out. And I got even bitchier when we arrived at the nail salon and they were booked solid. Pati almost looked apologetic for wasting my time. So I took a deep breath, called another salon close to home, and got us in for an appointment after we stopped for a burger for Buttercup while sipped on a glass of water.

I thought I was starting to have a good time and relax until it was my turn to sit in the massage chair and realized I had some serious tension to erase from my muscles. Maybe I needed to be dragged kicking and screaming to spend some quality time with my daughter that doesn't include a to-do list, but Pati did me a favor tonight. I didn't make it to the gym. I didn't get much work done on my book. And only some of the laundry got done. But when I slipped into bed with Buttercup and asked her what her favorite part of the day was, the rest of the tension in my back melted away with her answer.

"Spending time with you, Mama. I really loved that."