New (Query) Truths

Hit send. Hit send. Hit send. It's the twitter mantra of the brave who have made it to the land of The End on their respective projects. There's plenty of talk of nerves and sweaty palms and hyperventilation and total and absolute fear. I've heard it can be paralyzing, that fear. I've even seen ongoing twitter conversations in which one writer would be cheered on by a cast of supportive friends until they finally ignored the nerves just long enough to HIT SEND.

And then the twittersphere erupts in silent cheers and exclamation points of happiness.

So I was a little surprised when I realized how easy it actually is to Hit Send. I haven't had one nerve go haywire or had to wipe a sweaty brow. I've just, quite simply, hit send. And it isn't until the response appears in the inbox that the nerves hit, the palms get sweaty, and the hyperventilating begins because it is at that very moment that I have lost all control over what will come to be.

Hitting Send doesn't scare me. But I'll be honest. There are plenty of nerves, two very sweaty palms, and some slight hyperventilating going on as I click the email open to see what's in store.