Opinions are like hashtags

Twitter is the gatekeeper to a magical land of hashtags. #iliketomakethemupbecausemylifeisthatexciting. #sometimestheyaretotallyawesome. #butsometimeslikenowtheyareprettypointless. #ohwellright? There's #writechat for a super fantabulous writers chat that goes on for hours on Sundays. There's #askagent for all questions not related to query letters. There's #askintern for chats with a few key literary agent interns who like to add to their already heavy workload by helping a writer out. #FF or #followfriday and #WW or #writerwednesday are the ones to use for the peeples you love enough to tell other peeples to follow. There's #specialteams for parents of special needs children and a great way to connect for support, led by TBFF Juliette. And there's #mommyswiting and #amwriting for all tweets related to the obvious. Oh, #justsaying is for when, you know, you're just saying. And, of course, there's all things #blogher10.

Yes, there are zillions more. These just happen to be the ones I use or follow most frequently.

Recently, I decided to create a new one. It's mainly for my own personal use and I'm not really expecting it to catch on But if it does, I'll gladly take all the credit cuz I'm modest like that. My tweet stream is full of mentions about my current search for an agent for Baby F(Ph)at and dreamed up #agentsearch. It's not a chat. It's not a hash tag that's going to lead you to the pot at the end of the rainbow with the agent hiding in it. But it is a way, if you decide to hop on the bandwagon, for writers to connect in yet another way. We all know when we are #amwriting and #justsaying already. So why not support each other in our respective #agentsearch's?

Come one. Come all. Your call. I'm here either way.

But if you do happen to show up, @ me with a "Yo!" for some #fistpumps and #chestbumps to welcome you to the party.