The Aftermath

While the title might have led you to belive this was going to be a blog post about BlogHer10, it was written two weeks ago and cut and pasted into my files so I could look smart and update the blog whileI was living it up in NYC. As you can see, I kinda fell off the grid when The Big Apple kicked my ass. (It also doesn't help that instead of flying home and recovering in my own bed, I'm trying to stay sane after flying into Detroit to hang with the family for two weeks. I can't say "blog" too loud without being offered a tissue.)

So until I get my head squared back on my shoulders, have fun with more elevator music. I'm off to pretend I don't care Buttercup is watching Burn Notice with her daddy.

My sister couldn't believe that this meal...

...caused this mess. And frankly, neither could I. There was a super yum black bean burger and some surprisingly tasty smashed potatoes on my plate (recipes from Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet, Recharged) and I seriously enjoyed every single bite. But I couldn't help but laugh at the mountain of dishes in my sink.

Back in the day when I didn't give a damn and nuked prepacked food more often than I bought fresh, dishes were not a major concern. It's not much work to throw away a cardboard box and wash off a fork, now is it? But boiling potatoes and parsnip and steaming cauliflower? Then straining all of it in a colander? And smashing it all up in another bowl? And don't even get me started on the bean burger. I've made them a few times already and already know this is a new staple recipe for me, but holy hell, people.

Eating clean and healthy isn't exactly a dishwasher's dream come true.

(But it is totally worth the mess.)

**This post originally appeared on Bookieboo!