The BlogHer Mexi-Fro

Remember this? I sure as hell do. After years of therapy to fix my kinked up ego after one too many childhood Halloween parties where my fellow Brownies confused my fro'd out, rainbow-striped hair for a real clown wig and tried to yank it off, I put it all on the line for Juliette. And if you saw my pretty little up-do at BlogHer and ooh'd and ahhh'd over my slinky like frizzies and the masterpiece I constructed with about 50 bobby pins (for which the sole intention was humidity control, mind you), then it's time for a reality check.

Yes, I know I looked cute. And Leah and Jenny told me so. Multiple times. Of course it went to me head.  Before Leah decided to throw me under the bus and tell Jenny that I would be more than happy to pay homage to the Chia Pet once again. (And yes, Bookieboo and The Bloggess asked me to so you can bet your sweet ass I agreed. Just call me "fan-girl".)

So here it is, world.

This is before...

And this is back in my off-site BlogHer hotel and free of the 50 or so bobby pins I had to send a search party in to retrieve while TBFF Juliette laughed her ass off after...

Just imagine the chances I passed up for making homecoming court in high school. If I'd been this brave back then, I may not have had to beg my way into Student Congress.